GQNRC provides an after-school program during the week and a summer program throughout June, July, and early August. Youth receive academic support, mentoring, as well as opportunities to engage in positive recreational activities and service learning projects. By coordinating with other McHenry County organizations we are able to support low-income students and families, which can helpprevent at-risk behavior, substance abuse, and mental illness.

Academic Assistance

At the after-school program, students have access to school supplies, technology (computers and printers), and they receive 1:1 support from staff and volunteers to assist them with homework or projects.

Staff maintain communication with parents, teachers, and school social workers to support students with higher needs including those who are in the bilingual program or have IEPs.

The Northern Illinois Food Bank provides free after-school snacks and summer lunches to students enrolled in the program. We also receive weekly donations of snacks and meals from the First United Methodist Church of McHenry.


Big Brothers, Big Sisters works with many of our students and matches them with a mentor. This gives the student the opportunity to have open, confidential conversations with someone they can trust.

Students also have the opportunity to discuss any personal or academic concerns with staff (trained mandated reporters). Staff are able to provide referrals to other community organizations to help students in need of services. Examples of referrals that have been made include Early Intervention Program, Turning Point, and Pioneer Center for Human Services.

Extracurricular Activities

Students are given opportunities to engage in arts and crafts, social groups, guitar lessons, community volunteering, and educational field trips. Students and families are encouraged to participate in activities that can help alleviate isolation and promote healthy relationships with other community members. Previous events hosts by GQNRC include holiday potlucks, flower planting parties, and open houses.

Tree Planting Project in McHenry Park
Tree Planting Project in McHenry Park


Interested in Services?

All of our services are free for low-income families. Interested parents can fill out our registration form in English or in Spanish. If you would like to speak to someone about registering for our programs, please call us at 815-322-2357.

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